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Diolkos3D is a software company that is specialized in developing software systems for civil design projects. 

The history of diolkos3d started since back in 1998 where our design team developed software utilities to automate trivial processes in civil engineer every day practice.

The first commercial version of  Diolkos  (Ver 3) was available in October 2004. In 2007 the program was translated in English language and it was modified in order to be compatible with the most wide used road design regulations like AASHTO, RAS, BS. In the same year, the company created the “business-to-consumer (b2c)” website www.diolkos3d.com as support platform of the international market covering the purchase - support - license management requirements of our customers by providing “Direct Sellers” services.

Today there are hundreds software products of our company installed worldwide.


Address:  Merarhias 49 - Serres - Greece 

Zip:  62125

tel:   +30 2321 304151

fax:  +30 2321 064200


Informations:   info@diolkos3d.com

Support:  support@diolkos3d.com

Sales:  sales@diolkos3d.com

W: http://www.diolkos3d.com

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