Diolkos - Survey quandities


Main features

Flexible survey data insertion
Compose cross sections automatically
Cuts, Fills and Topsoil estimation
Create "As Built" drawings
Produce "As Built" quantities reports

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  • Flexible survey data insertion. Import easily the survey data from total stations or GPS using text files. 
  • Create the road model by survey points. The program generates the horizontal alignment, vertical alignment and the cross-sections of road by using survey points taken in the worksite.
  • Connect survey points of neighbor sections by using criteria like points code, or description. The program connects survey points  in order to define the “As Built” 3Dmodel of road.
  • Calculate the cut, fill and topsoil quantities. Diolkos calculates the quandities of created sections using the “Average end area” or “Fitted length” methods.
  • Easy modification of all cross-section polylines. All polylines of cross-sections can be edited freely, using the corresponding editing tools.
  • Tolerance control. With Diolkos software, it is easy to compare the construction quantities with the designing geometry, by importing the construction data to the design model of a project.
  • Export 3D points of the road model for worksite marking. The user can insert special points in cross-sectiona in order to extract their X, Y, Z coordinates  for using in worksite marking of the designed project. You can custumize the format of the text (X,Y,Z) for easy upload in survey equipment.
  • Step-by-step construction quantities estimation. The program can produce drawings and reports for each layer when its construction have been completed in the worksite. In this way we can estimate quantities in different construction stages.
  • Create “As Built” drawings. The program creates the final drawings when the construction of the project have been completed. 
  • Produces “As Built” quantities reports. The program creates the final quantities report when the construction of the project have been completed.


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