Diolkos - Road design


Diolkos is complete and autonomous road design software. It covers all the cases of road design projects including highways, local and collector roads (at urban or rural regions), roads inside forest areas,  multiple road projects such as intersections, motorways with service roads etc

Main features

All Cases of Road Design
3D Visualization
Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)
RAS-AASHTO Guidelines
Typical Cross Sections Library
Multiple Road Projects
River analysis
Quantities Measurements



  • Complete and robust solution for designing all types of road projects in a visual multifunctional 3D environment.
  • Slightly integrated with Direct3D, one of the most powerful graphic acceleration engine.
  • Design diagrams for superelevation rate, pavement widenings, V85 and drainage layer.
  • Quick and easy insertion and modification of project's geometry. Real time 3d presentation of the project (for simple or multiple road projects). Real time 3d animation along the road axis. Checks for the final stopping sight distance along the road axis.
  • Survey terrain from set of 3d faces (TIN) or 3d lines (e.g contour lines). Custom or typical shape definition for fills and cuts side slopes. Upgrading design adjacently to existing road pavement.

  • Calculation for drainage layers, capping layer, regulating course layer, benching, soil replacement cuts , walls and guardrails.
  • Visual typical cross section definition, material assigning. Extensive build-in typical cross section library.
  • Quick calculation for all cross sections at every plan modification. Automatically stations insertion and reconstruction of the Road-Terrain 3d model when plan geometry changes.
  • Multiple road projects (service roads, intersections).
  • Swept paths calculation in order to study vehicle turning maneuvers in sharp curves.
  • River and channel hydraulic analysis for random shaped cross sections. Estimation of  water covered areas. 
  • Construction quantities estimation                          by using data collected in the worksite.  Define and adit visually (via mouse) the polylines composing the cross-sections. 
  • Simply project manipulation. All design data  for each road is stored in a single file.

  • Product support without any extra fee.
  • Support services from civil engineers with great experience in road and hydraulic design projects.


For more details on how to use the software, you may download the manual of Diolkos  here.


You may download the trial version from here.  


Operating system:   Designed for MS Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10)

Graphic engine:       DirectX

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