Diolkos - Swept paths

Turn simulation in sharp curves.



In order to study vehicle maneuvers in sharp curves we must know the space needed  for a truck while traversing along a turning path. Key feature to specify the required space is the paths of the rear wheels during the turning maneuver. 

The road designer must know the swept paths curves during the design time to specify with detail pavement widenings on curves with a high degree of curvature.

Diolkos has the ability to compute swept paths for variety type of vehicles. The program computes the boundary area that vehicle shares during the maneuver, as well as the envelop curves for the front and rear wheels.

Although the program calculates swept paths based on German RAS-K-1 standards, the user can define various vehicles types by modifying the default values.

This ability is very useful while studying projects like parking facilities, barns, worksites, factories etc.

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