Our company offers to  users continuous and direct technical support without any extra fee.

In our support team we have civil engineers with significant experience in a variety kind of road and hydraulic design projects.

In Downloads page you will find both in brief and extensive brochures for Diolkos software as well as several design cases. 

Also in the Downloads page you will find detailed User's Guides both for Diolkos and FastTerrain.


Design  samples

>> Design  library


Tutorial videos

   Design element

   Description (click to view)

  Working with Autocad

  Data insertion from Autocad

   Horizontal alignment

   Horizontal alignment table

   Modify horizontal alignment

   Turn simulation (swept paths)
   Background insertion (from DXF)
   Terrain model (from DXF)
   Image projection on terrain model


   Stations manager
   Stations on terrain edges
   Vertical alignment    Vertical alignment table
   Modify road profile
   Diagrams    Superelevation table
   Widenings table
   Cross-sections    Typical cross sections (T.C.S) library
   Fill side slope
   Cut side slope
   Fill benching
   Define T.C.S geometry
   Modify T.C.S geometry
   Hydraulic calculations
   Insert walls
   Insert walls on single section
   Multiple roads    Two roads example
   Culverts    Culvert definition
   Sight distance    Real time sight distance computation
   Survey quantities    Measure survey quantities 1
   Measure survey quantities 2
   Export cross section points in XYZ file
   Terrain    Build the terrain model
   Results    Earthworks computation

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