Why Us

Software Applications

We develop software products covering major part of infrastructure design.

Diolkos covers all road design cases. Integrate hydraulic functionality for river analysis as well as for open pipes and channels. Beyond the design, Diolkos can be used as quantities estimation software in  worksites.

WaterNET-CAD covers all kind of hydraulic network design projects producing detailed design drawings and reports for pipe networks and manholes .

FastTerrain create, edit and render in 3D space digital terrain models. FastTerrain can be used separately to estimate excavation quantities using boolean operations between terrain models.

Development Practices

Our software is adapted to special requirements of civil engineer in every day practice. We emphasize in simplifying trivial operations of design by implementing a number of automations. In consequence the engineer can focus in main issues of the design avoiding spending time in time-consuming processes.

We develop software that is easy to use having minimum learning curve. Few hours after start using our software you can produce detailed drawings and reports. 


All engineers in support team have special experience in variety kind of road and hydraulic design projects. 

We offer continuous and direct technical support without ant extra fee.

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