About Diolkos3d software

Diolkos3D is a software company that is specialized in developing software systems for civil design projects.  Diolkos3D software has the legal rights of softwares Diolkos, WaterNET-CAD and FastTerrain.

Our software is adapted to special requirements of civil engineer in every day practice. We emphasize in simplifying trivial operations during the design process by implementing a number of automations. In consequence, the engineer can focus in main issues of the design avoiding spending time in time-consuming processes.

We develop software that is easy to use having minimum learning curve. A few hours after beginning to use our software, you can produce detailed drawings and reports.

Diolkos3D software

Address: Merarhias 49, Serres, Greece
Zip: 62125
Tel: +30 2321 304151
Fax: +30 2321 064200
Information: info@diolkos3d.com
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