About Diolkos3d software

Diolkos3D is a company creating specialized software for the special needs of engineers.

diolkos3d software

We have created and support the following technical software products.

Each of our software is tailored to the engineer’s specific requirements based on daily practice. We focus on simplifying design processes by incorporating a multitude of automations. Our aim is for the engineer to be able to focus on the essence of the design, avoiding wasting time on manual processes.

Our philosophy during creation is to place the necessary emphasis on ease of learning and daily use.

You will find us:

Diolkos3D software

Address: Merarchias 49, Serres, Greece

Postal code: 62125

Tel: +30 2321 304151

Mob:+30 6947090500

Electronic Communication

Information: info@diolkos3d.com

Support: support@diolkos3d.com

Sales: sales@diolkos3d.com