Software for engineers – Support

Diolkos3d manufactures and supplies specialized software for engineers and their daily needs.

As part of this, it provides a comprehensive technical support plan.

Our company provides each user with ongoing support for each of our software individually at no extra charge. As part of the support, both the issues related to their functions are covered, as well as the handling of any specialized technical issues.

Our support department is staffed by specialized engineers capable of providing an immediate solution to any special case that the user may encounter.

Support hours

You can contact our support department every day (Monday – Friday) from 09:00 in the morning until 17:00. The above schedule is normally valid except for holidays.

Ways of Support:

  • Through telephone
  • Via e-mail
  • Through direct communication on the premises of Diolkos3D software

Software for engineers and continuous e-update.

Through our corporate website users have continuous access to:

  • Continuous update on the capabilities of our software
  • Updating user manuals and other accompanying material based on the latest versions
  • New examples of using the software to cover as many cases as possible

Below you can see a complete list of tutorial videos of our specialized software