Diolkos – Road design software

road design software diolkos3d

DIOLKOS is an integrated and autonomous road construction software developed by our company.

Its purpose is to cover every need of the engineer, no matter how specialized. DIOLKOS software covers all road construction cases such as:

  • Motorways
  • Provincial and urban roads
  • Forest roads etc.

At the same time, it has the ability to successfully deal with even the most complex road projects such as:

  • Nodes
  • Parallel service road network etc.

DIOLKOS is a complete and autonomous street design software. It covers all cases of road construction such as highways, provincial and urban roads, forest roads, etc. It also deals with complex road projects such as junctions, parallel service road network etc.

Demostration Video

Road Design Software – Key Features

  • It concerns all road study cases
  • Creates 3D graphics in real time
  • Provides digital terrain models (DTMs)
  • It has a ready-made library of standard constructions
  • Handles multi-road (complex) projects
  • Possibility for pre-measurements-Measurements
  • As built cross sections
  • Corridor infrastructures

System Requirements

Windows 10, 11 Operating System
2 GB system RAM (4 GB recommended) 
1 GB disk space


For more details, you may download the manual of Diolkos HERE
You may download the trial version from HERE