FastTerrain – Terrain model calculation software

Terrain model calculation software

FastTerrain is a simple yet powerful terrain modeling and quantification software developed by our company. The software operates entirely within a stand-alone CAD environment.

FastTerrain – What’s included

The software includes:

  • Very powerful triangulation algorithms and cross-model operations
  • Functions for calculating contour lines as well as entering mandatory breaklines and boundaries
  • Features for editing models as well as powerful tools for calculating quantities.

Terrain Model Calculation Software – Functions

In just a few steps it can calculate the volume of complex geometry resulting from the intersection of models.

  • Using the operations between models it is possible to calculate, with maximum accuracy, the volumes of trenches and embankments resulting from the sectors of two models.
  • Creation of excavation models resulting from the intersection of an excavation model (grade surface) with a soil model.

  • The excavation model is created from the surrounding (Polyline) foundation that has a certain elevation (elevation) and from its sides where slopes with a specific slope are created.

  • The elevation of the surrounding foundation can be modified in real time by monitoring the change of volumes.

With this method, a bearing height that balances the earthworks can be selected.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 Operating System
2 GB system RAM (4 GB recommended)
1 GB disk space


For more details, you may download the manual of FastTerrain HERE
You may download the trial version from HERE